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Want Nothing (Part 1)

Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you’re doing the impossible – St. Francis of Assisi  I love conversations with brilliant people. Associating with people that are more grounded, more learned and more insightful than I am pushes me to learn more and do more. Believe me, this entire first paragraph may come off

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Your Time Will Come

Sometimes, even the greatest warriors shoot themselves in the foot… We are only human. Perfection is just another word (probably because we’ve constrained the  true intention of perfection), it’s one of those things we aspire and try to achieve but never will, that is what makes us human. The good, the bad and the ugly, they all walk hand-in-hand; all

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Losing Control

The starting point of all achievement is desire-Napoleon Hill I’m lost in a daze  I know not what is real or what is not? My grip on reality loosened Too much, so much And now I feel the nothingness slowly engulfing me The curtain between fantasy and reality ripped Where one ends and the other begins, I do not know Not

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