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Losing Control

The starting point of all achievement is desire-Napoleon Hill I’m lost in a daze  I know not what is real or what is not? My grip on reality loosened Too much, so much And now I feel the nothingness slowly engulfing me The curtain between fantasy and reality ripped Where one ends and the other begins, I do not know Not

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Do You Believe?

Do you believe in the mystic? In the idea that some lives are linked across time Connected by an ancient telling or prophecy echoing through the ages?   Do you believe that some souls co-exist for eternity? I’ve heard tales and myths of souls that travel in the same circle Forming a collective of familiars through time and many lives ‘I’ve never met

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Tingling Hearts

There’s a storm Raging in our hearts It burns, it tingles, it frightens How should love feel? Does it resemble this? The storm rages on… It forces us to reconsider, to rethink, to really look And we discover love is anything but this What is it It is without meaning, it is without content It is simply the life and

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