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The Power of YET

This is a must read. Truly motivating !!!

U.G.L.Y Forever

I could not wait to get here today because of how much inspiration I received over the weekend. In my recent post, Don’t Give Up, I spoke about how I wanted to give up and just say forget everything that I am trying to accomplish for myself right now. Although I was able to encourage myself to keep going, there was still some doubt in the back of my mind. Well on Friday I went to pick my daughter up from school there was a little yellow flyer on the counter in the school’s front office that caught my attention. It was titled “The Power of YET” and it said the following:

“I don’t get it.”

“I can’t do this.”

   “This doesn’t work.”

Take a deep breath. Go for a short stroll.

Then add a “yet” to the end of your sentence.

“I don’t get it, YET”

“I can’t do this…

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Three Great Life Lessons From Alexander the Great

This is truly a must read. ‘Words to lives by’

Good Time Stories

Jean Simon Berthelemy Painting by Jean-Simon Berthelemy

I am a big fan of history. I love reading and listening to books and documentaries of all kinds of history that ha spanned over the centuries. It is fascinating to see how past world leaders, inventors, athletes, armies, scientists, politicians, wars, etc.

One of the people who has always fascinated me was Alexander the Great. He was a supreme commander who, believe it or not, was actually tutored under the great philosopher, Aristotle! He wasn’t a big man…he was actually a short and stocky man who had two different color eyes…one brown and one blue. He also founded over 20 cities that bore his name…the greatest being the famous city of Alexandria in Egypt. At the peak of his reign, he ruled over 2007731 square miles of the world!!

So, it is no surprise that when I read the following story about Alexander the Great…

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The Road I Travelled…


In a summer twilight, I locked myself in a room
I didn’t go out, I didn’t talk to anyone.
I escaped to a box of emptiness 
where I knitted a long Gown with my thoughts.
Days, months and years passed.
I knitted more and more Gowns.
One day I picked the best of them
and I wore it and walked to the mirror.
I saw my glittering Gown but I couldn’t see me.

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