Take A Step, Then Another

Only you can change your life. No one can do it for you – Carol Burnett

Do not over think things; when there’s one thing to do, do it. Do not think too much about what follows, life need not be so complicated. One thing always follows another, so take a step, then take another…but you’ve got to take that one step that begins the journey.

Life is simple, we only insist on complicating it…while this is true, figuring life out is the most impossible thing to do. I don’t believe anyone has really figured it out yet. Do not focus on that, it’s what complicates life. Don’t waste time trying to understand life’s vices, simply do what needs to be done. Life happens in stages, in levels, so tackle the one breathing down you neck right now and then move on to the next, it’s how you’ll keep sane.

When things are out of control, pick the easiest thing you could possibly do and do it…it’s something; your starting point. Do not block your feelings, feel everything. The emotions serve as a reminder and propeller. If you have no one to talk to about your feelings and frustrations, stand in front of a mirror and talk to your best friend; YOU, believe me, it’s a coping mechanism that helps.

This is where I leave: Do not frame yourself as a tragic opera. Your problems are real and bad and you need to feel all of it…the awfulness of it is essential. Do not romanticize your problems. Worse things have happened to others, yours may be bad but not as bad, your trials do not make you special. It’s what life does to the best of us, so feel the emotions and take the baby steps that will help you get back up.

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