Why Won’t You See Me?

‘Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.’ – Maya Angelou

Time and again

I’ve fought the unrelenting, stayed the course

Always kept the faith

Not entirely, not consistently

Cos’ like it or not, doubt comes and goes as it pleases

Mostly in our deepest, darkest hour of need

But in all things, with all these adversaries

You’ve remained my constant

Feelings never changing, hope never dwindling

Were I a believer I’d say…


Now, here I sit, a shadow of myself

Ogling at my idea of sanity from all the way over here

Why won’t you see me? Why don’t you?


I see you

Far in the distance

The only constant in a time lapse

All clothed in white

The wind in your snow white hair and pain in your  icy white eyes

I see you standing there

Over the bridge

A mirage I can almost grasp

I hear the whispers too

The riveting hallmark of rock bottom

‘Nothing else matters, nothing will’

If only you could look beyond the lapse

Solace isn’t as faraway as you think

It’s all the way over here, watching, waiting to be seen

Why won’t you see me? Why don’t you?

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