The Life Series-Episode 1

You were given THIS LIFE because you’re strong enough to live it…

I’ve always loved writing. It came from an innate love of reading novels that unravelled tales that made the limits beyond the sky penetrable. It came from songs and words that sunk deep into my soul and pulled stories and memories that seemed like De javu, messages that awoke an indescribable desire to pick up a pencil and just write. Do not think, just write, it doesn’t have to make sense yet, just write. img_6802

Words are charge with power, everlasting power. They remain even after we’re past. So write, write your legacy and write it well because it will be the tale the ones that come after you will read to learn who you were and how you will continue to live even after you are gone from here. So write, not for yourself, write a message you wish to teach the ones after you. the unspoken words you bottle up inside because you think you’re from a time light years from now and the world around you right now doesn’t resonate with how your mind thinks and work. Write to teach them that the most important thing within this limited world we’re confined to is courage. 

Courage to speak even when your voice shakes. Courage to risk it all. Courage to stand for what you believe is your truth. Courage to say we are all different, we shouldn’t be forced to live in line with a pattern coined by another’s truth. Courage to stand for something and truly stand even though your legs tremble. 

Write these words as they course through your veins like addiction, leave them a message, write a message that will make the goddamned bestseller and write it well. 


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