You Need To Get Angry

When life gets too hard to stand, kneel…

This year has been the worst. Things went from bad to terrible and believe me, I heard it all. ‘It is well’ ‘God’s in control’ ‘What doesn’t kill you’ ‘Things will get better’…all of it. It still didn’t quite explain why my life was complete shit. Nothing worked and a person in such a situation doesn’t want to hear ‘it is well’, if it was I wouldn’t be questioning the point of everything now, would I?

We spend half the time, trying to figure out the why, trying to figure out what we can salvage and how to make it out of the wreckage with as much of ourselves that is left. Damage control? It’s after that moment, that ‘all it takes is once moment’ with you sitting on a train, en-route someplace you’re not sure of that it hits you and something finally snaps. 

‘I’ve effing had it!

You need to snap. You need to get angry and say ‘Screw this.’ This Ends Now. We grew up cheering the underdogs because we saw ourselves in them…and the thing about underdogs is that moment of realisation. The moment they realise they deserve better…you deserve better. It’s time to drown everything else out and let your anger take over…let it propel you to get things going again. There’s a reason you kept trying, a reason you are still here…it’s because you are bigger than whatever it is that plagues you right now.

This is where I leave you: It’s way past the point of waiting things out. Take matters into your own hands else you’ll be left wondering ‘whatever did happen to the virtue that is patience?’ Get angry…take life by the balls (pardon my french) make things happen for you…no one else will. 

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