Warriors Don’t Die With Clean Swords ⚔️

The truth we believe in and cling to makes us unavailable to hear anything new – Pema Chodron 

Whenever I open my notebook to scribble down something pertaining this post, I’m reminded of Leonidas from 300 (That by the way is one of my favourite medieval movies of all times). Warriors do not die with clean swords. Before you decide to surrender to one of the many woes and  frustrations life is fabled with, ask yourself this; are you going out swinging or not? 

What mark will you leave? That of a man who called out his demons, stood his ground and fought them or that of a man who ran? It doesn’t matter that you’ll only  scratch them, warriors always go down fighting. It’s never really about winning, it’s mostly about standing up to the situations and people who think they’ve got you beat, it’s about making a statement. To whom it may concern; here’s how warriors do it.

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300 men against battalions of armies and a greedy self-proclaimed god and yet we mostly don’t remember the god’s name. Only Leonidas; the king who led 300 men out on a ‘stroll’ and bruised a tyrant’s cheek, only Leonidas who taught us courage.

What will you go down for? Leave a mark, no matter how little it is, shake the world with it…there are men and there are warriors, making the conscious decision to stand and fight for something is what separates you from the rest. Have Esther’s will (if I perish, I perish). Pursue what you want regardless of the risks and road blocks. Go down fighting if you have to…

This is where I leave you: if you’re going through hell, keep going…it’s a journey not a destination. Stop when you’re done, and not a second before.


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