It’s Possible To Break Free

There are so many sights left undiscovered to mankind because we choose to accept the limits set by society. Break free of it-Inspired Lives 

I’ve always wondered if there’s anyone else out there who wonders the way I do, about the things I do. I believe society has structured our minds to think in a particular pattern. This is what you should do, this is how you should live. If you don’t, you’re a bad seed.

By trying to impose the ways of a fish on a gazelle, the ripple occurred; societal decadence happened. The lack of morality the world over today is an act of rebellion against these standards society has confined us to, standards our families have tried to inculcate since before we could think for ourselves.

You must stand for something. You should belong to a particular school of thought. A strata, and so on. You’re either for or against; there are no in-betweens, you’ve got to pick a side. The pattern is visible and we continue to follow the never ending cycle that dictates what we img_4208do with our lives and live the rest of our lives trying to meet up with society’s ideals and idea of success.

You can break free of it…all of it. Pay no heed to the voices telling you it’s never been done, limits exist to be broken. You can break free of the never ending standard we’ve been subjected to since we became part of the system. 

Were I taught that the most important thing in life was discovering why we are all here and pursuing that or given the tools to do so I’d understand the importance of society’s structure. Were I taught to not follow the fads and trends but to create my own path I would understand the importance…you see where I’m going with this. 

So many have lived and are living for nothing. They simply follow the routine.

  • We are born. We spend half our lives in school. We strive for good grades and then struggle to get good jobs. Pay our bills on time. Settle down. Learn or try in the least to be happy and content with whatever we get and have. Have kids and let the cycle continue with them.

Is that really all life should be about? Really?  Millions wake everyday to the self loathe and unfulfillment because no one did tell them they can and should create their own standards. Your life is your own, figure out what you’re passionate about and pursue it…do not fear the risk of traveling the road less taken, relish it.

This is the most incredible journey you’ll ever embark on. Plan it from the moment you can write and plan it how you want. Do what you want and be free of society’s torment because if we continue to allow society set standards for us, we will start low and remain lowBreak free of it!

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