Let Social Media Inspire You – #7

I understand how procrastination can be seen as essential to creativity but, it really isn’t. We only procrastinate when we are lazy about doing something at a particular time. ‘I’ll do it later’ has tarnished more dreams than anyone can count. 

It’s understandable that doing something when we’re not feeling up to it can yield poor results but, what’s the guarantee that when we put things off to ‘much later’, when later comes, we will actually, without a doubt get down to doing them? Subconsciously, we continue to put it off repeatedly until it reaches the deadline or we forget. 

But then again, there are times when I try to write a new post and stare at the blank WordPress screen for minutes, hours even, with nothing on my mind, so I put it off and do something else. Much later(more like days later), the inspiration and creativity to continue comes and it flows seamlessly. So we could say procrastination helps sometimes but I do not believe that it is essential to creativity. 

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