Want Nothing (Part 1)

Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you’re doing the impossible – St. Francis of Assisi 

I love conversations with brilliant people. Associating with people that are more grounded, more learned and more insightful than I am pushes me to learn more and do more. Believe me, this entire first paragraph may come off as irrelevant because it in no way relates to the rest of my intended content but, I’ve come to realise that there’s no such thing as irrelevant…the difference between stepping stones and stumbling blocks is how you use them. 

If you watch Modern Family, then the line I’m about to quote will be fairly familiar, if you don’t, I recommend it. One of Phil’s many confusing Phil’s-Osophy goes; The most amazing things that can happen to a human being will happen to you if you just lower your expectations. 

I remember being told ‘shoot for the moon, if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.’ What I was never told was that you could miss by a long shot. Miss the moon and the stars and fall right down, all the way back to earth…that is a long fall and if it doesn’t kill you, the weight of the fall will plague you for a long time. 

Because we’re taught we’ll definitely, without a doubt land amongst the stars even though we miss our intended shot, we grasp onto that hope of a maybe and pursue dreams and aspirations with everything we’ve got. From such a young age we condition our minds to ‘this is who I want to be’ and ‘this is what I want from life‘ and live in line with those decisions. The problem is, when we only want the one thing too badly, we miss everything else that could or should have been.

There are many obvious in the world. Many opportunities, many answers to the questions we have but because we’ve set a perimeter about the kind of opportunities we want and the kind answers we want or who we want, we miss the obvious answers staring us in the face and limit our opportunities. 

You can only hit the target by not aiming at the target.(You can only achieve your objectives when you stop clinging to and grasping at the outcome you desire)

I’m not encouraging you to dream small dreams, neither am I saying lower your expectations or settle. I’m saying like I said in LIFE-STYLE, want nothing, do everything and you’re half way there. Let your goal and aspirations linger in your mind but do not want it too much because the more you hunger for it, the more it drifts further from your reach. Learn to understand that your expectations and what life will give you are different, do not condition your mind to ‘this is what I want’ because when you don’t get it, it wrecks you and you start to question your capabilities. 

This is where I leave you: Desire it, relish in the hopes that one day you will achieve your goal, but as hard as it is; want nothing and it will all come to you, in time. 

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