You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to always reach your destinationJimmy Dean  

I grew up with the notion that life happens in stages. We first learn to sit, then we learn to crawl, learn to stand and learn to walk. Yes, it happens in stages, understandably, but after walking, what comes next? Running? Chasing dreams that never want to be caught? Crumbling? Under the weight of the disappointments and frustrations? Standing Still? Because we forget how to be happy, how to progress and are just there at the tipping point wondering where it all leads? 

What comes next? That’s where you come in. Life is hard enough as it is. But how you live it; your lifestyle determines what comes next. 

I only recently discovered that the reason we never seem to be able to live the lives we dream is because by dreaming and aiming for one particular thing, we miss everything else. So instead of pursuing that one career, that one dream, that one goal blindly and hungrily, take a break. Want nothing and do everything. That’s the key to happiness…not holding yourself to one definition of success, think of progress instead. 



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