Is Anybody Out There?

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.-Joseph Campbell



I cannot

I can only crawl towards the light 

That travels farther the more I advance 

The only sound I can manage

Is a squeak

That reminds me of the torment I survived clawing myself out from the pit 

And everything I lost

But as I near the apparent end of this never ending tunnel 

Where I will feel the sun on my face again

And be rid of this insatiable darkness

I’m also reminded of all I’ve learnt;

Life doesn’t keep us down

As long as we have legs and arms to walk and crawl

Our only excuse is ourselves 


Is anyone out there?

Will anyone hear me if I wailed with the last of my strength?

You’re all out there,  fighting your demons 

I’ll muster the remaining of my strength 

To reach the light


No one will hear me

And one wail is all I can manage 

I’d rather not…



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