Your Time Will Come

Sometimes, even the greatest warriors shoot themselves in the foot…

We are only human. Perfection is just another word (probably because we’ve constrained the  true intention of perfection), it’s one of those things we aspire and try to achieve but never will, that is what makes us human. The good, the bad and the ugly, they all walk hand-in-hand; all of it.

The harsh reality of life is; friends will come and go, we’ll get stuck in ruts and get laid off, we’ll settle for less sometimes and forget what life’s purpose truly is, even more so, we begin to question it. We will try and try and try to get things right and fail miserably, more times than we anticipated, it will hurt and we might decide to give up.

But, there are many ways to kill a rat. Many ways to get from point A to point B. Every matter has different handles…there is always a way. Life will knock us down more times than we will anticipate but one right move, one right turn, one success is all it takes and all we need. So no matter how hard it may seem now or how many times we’ve fallen or will fall, remember that all it takes is once, keep going, your time will come. There is time for everything and a time for everyone. Yours is just a little down the road.

It may seem impossible but, when it’s your time, even the sun cannot stop you from shinning. Keep going…

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