The Space to Write-#6

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated – Confucius.

I write at a desk in my bedroom. I prefer blogging on a laptop in the confines of my home, however, when I’m on the go, I blog on my phone. I hardly ever write in a coffeehouse because I find that I’m more productive in a quiet space where I can hear myself think (probably because I tend to have conversations with myself).

This is where I write; I write at a white desk in my bedroom, with books on the shelve to the left and other miscellaneous items (which consist of a million yellow sticker notes) to the right. My laptop is centered in the space in-between the shelves and my black swivel chair which is now worn out sits in front of my now too familiar desk. There’s a beautiful pink vase holding plastic red and white roses just above the space my laptop is centered. The vase sits beside the Panasonic clock that never fails to remind me of how fast time really flies.

There’s usually a notepad and a black pen to the right of my laptop and a freshly brewed cup of coffee to the left of it. My phone is just beside my big blue mug (which reminds me so much of the gigantic coffee cups from Central Perk in Friends). A majority of the time, my earplugs are fastened in and my favorite R&B songs play on repeat as I brainstorm and type…but this is not one of those times. The only sound that seems to entertain me now is the not so silent hum coming from the white standing fan just behind me.

As part of today’s task, I’m leaving a link to my contact page at the bottom of this post. I’d appreciate it if you sent in your suggestions on what to write for an upcoming post.

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