I Am Lora-#5

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore – Andre Gide

So the other day, a  friend asked what my name (Lora) meant and I paused before going; ‘I don’t know. If you really want to know, ask google.’ But at that point in time I was pondering…’hmm, what exactly does Lora mean?’ and ‘how do you not know that?’. A few hours later he followed up with the many definitions of my name he got off the internet and it got me thinking. What Lora means and what my name means are two different things.

Lora as my name defines me. Lora as a name traces the origin of the name and its many variations. But my name is defined by the many things I am. What’s the meaning of my name means what qualities and characteristics have given just another name a distinctive and unique personification. Two people might bear the same name but give it different meanings. Your name right now is a summary of your hopes and dreams and the stories and incidents that make you…you.

Well, Lora as my name means a one-of-a-kind soul, you will never find anyone quite like me in this life or the next. And my friend goes ‘soul?’ Yeah, soul because that is my essence; my true form…I am not mortal, I am  a soul; a spirit being, here in the form that appeals to mortals to walk the life they live. I am not mortal, when this life is over, I do not cease to exist, I simply move on…I am Lora; a one-of-a-kind soul… and he goes ‘why do you have to take everything to a whole other level?’ and I go ‘have you learnt nothing from what I said?’ 🙂

What does your name mean?



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