Tourist #3

FEAR has two meanings; Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise…The choice is yours.

Of all the sights in the world and the ironies of life, of all the bitter and the sweet and the overwhelming scent of red roses that seem to envelop me as I write, the one inarguable truth is that this world isn’t ours and life isn’t a destination. We’re simply passing through, seeing all the world has to offer and experiencing life the best we can; capturing moments and sharing laughs with lovers and friends and family, strangers too.

We’re tourists, trying to find our place in the world; always prepared but never enough. We’re tourists, merely observing the life that passes in a flash but are left wondering where the time went. We’re tourists, far away from home with no idea of what awaits our return. We’re tourists…yes, we are but, the memories will serve us for now, now might not be long enough but, that’s the best place to be. 



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