The Power of YET

This is a must read. Truly motivating !!!

U.G.L.Y Forever

I could not wait to get here today because of how much inspiration I received over the weekend. In my recent post, Don’t Give Up, I spoke about how I wanted to give up and just say forget everything that I am trying to accomplish for myself right now. Although I was able to encourage myself to keep going, there was still some doubt in the back of my mind. Well on Friday I went to pick my daughter up from school there was a little yellow flyer on the counter in the school’s front office that caught my attention. It was titled “The Power of YET” and it said the following:

“I don’t get it.”

“I can’t do this.”

   “This doesn’t work.”

Take a deep breath. Go for a short stroll.

Then add a “yet” to the end of your sentence.

“I don’t get it, YET”

“I can’t do this…

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