Your Appearance Matters

Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered – sWearTee

I’m not a fashionista, I don’t own a walk-in closet packed with top brand clothes, shoes, bags and all that, but I understand how important it is to look good, after all, your appearance is your trademark. It’s the first impression you make when you walk in somewhere. It creates a sense of who you are and it’s very important. Whether you choose to say something or not, what you’re wearing is constantly talking, the only choice you have in the matter is whether it’s saying something good or bad.

Your appearance creates a lasting impact because it’s tied to your reputation and reputation is very important (we are reputation people). If you want success, dress for it. If you want to be taken seriously, dress for it. The human brain is literal therefore it believes what it sees. They say ‘you can tell much about someone by looking at their shoe’, so always look the part. Imagine opening your door to find a sales representative, you immediately have this impression of them based off how they look and it affects your reception to them.

In Nigeria we call it ‘packaging‘. Package yourself to match your standards and you will be amazed by how much you’ll achieve. Experiment with your appearance and learn what works for you. It’s not only pleasing to the observer, when you look good, you feel good and confidence is a beautiful thing.

“How one dresses is their advertisement. If a female shows half of her body, she’s asking to be disrespected, If she dresses classy, expect to be treated like a lady. How you’re addressed relies on your attire. Sexy is a spirit, not an outfit” – Floyd Mayweather


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