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But First; Love Yourself

“Happiness means loving yourself and being less concerned with the approval of others.”

I’m sure we all know the Golden Rule: ‘Love your neighbors as you love yourself’. Our ability to love others directly depends on our ability to love our self. Loving oneself forms a foundation and the strength of this foundation equals the strength of all our relationships. You cannot give something you do not have.

We are our own worst critics and our inner critic is never satisfied. It’s too busy comparing us with others and because we are all individually different, we never measure up. Most of us look for love from partners and friends and miss out on falling in love with ourselves.

You know how you get to know someone and love them? Well, you’re no different. Take the time to really appreciate yourself and you’ll discover a source of love that never runs out. We are mostly always alone with ourselves and our thoughts, find the time to appreciate the beauty that radiates from within…it’s the best kind of love.

It is important that you cut the negativity out of your life and take the time to see that amazing thing others see in you and fall in love with. Search within, get to know yourself more, fall in love with yourself and loving others will come naturally.

Imagine being with someone (yourself) who loves you bunkers every minute of everyday…


16 thoughts on “But First; Love Yourself”

  1. I loved the message and truth in these words. Sometimes learning to love ourselves can be hard because we constantly judge ourselves but I have to have certain love for our own self before we cam genuinely love someone else.

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  2. self love is not selfish at all in my book its necessary. i grew up helping everyone around me except for me.. took me almost 40 years of my life to realize i deserve my love and understanding too! now im in a lovely, generous, strong relationship with myself for the last 8 years and things couldnt be better I think ive found ‘the one’ 😉 great post i loved every word of it!

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  3. It’s true how often we criticize and compare ourselves with others, which of course doesn’t always end well. Self-love is truly the first kind of love to have. No human can love me more than I do. Really deep post Tia.

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  4. This is so precise. We battle with so many insecurities as humans but the moment we learn to love ourselves internally our insecurities vanish and we become more comfortable in our own skin, knowing our worth and loving others better. Now this speaks to me and surely a gem of a mantra worth living by.

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