IBMC #07 – The News And Paper Challenge

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For those of you who don’t already know, I’m Nigerian and I do not follow politics however, I know the current president of my country. The  primary elections in Nigeria last year was almost as controversial as the U.S democrate and republican primaries. 

It’s been a year since General Muhammed Buhari was elected and the economy has actually gone from bad to worse. The value of the currency has fallen so low it can now be used as wrapping paper. The inflation rate is terrible and FDI has reduced drastically. 

Now I know nothing of politics but I do know the rich are getting poor and the poor are getting poorer. 

I remember my dad saying: the country is in transition. Buhari isn’t doing anything wrong, the presidents before him screwed up the system and rectifying it will take longer than the country can bear but if we give him time and stop critiquing everything he does, maybe, just maybe we’ll see the potential the country saw when they elected him president…again.

I know nothing of politics but I think we are all too quick to judge. I believe when the rich lose too much money they will put their heads together and work something out-something that will in turn help the economy as a whole…so maybe Buhari does know what he’s doing if not, God help us all.


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