I didn’t come this far to get this far 

 Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock -Author Unknown

One truth to life is the fact that starting isn’t everything. In this century where generation X has an attention span of 7 minutes, starting is easy, the tough part is getting half way, the toughest part is finishing.

I for one can narrate all the times I’ve started several projects and failed to finish when things got hard or when things got halfway and I had doubts (what if?, the ultimate dream destroyer), I walk all the way back and hands up.

But when you have an entire library dedicated to ‘unfinished‘ work, one day you’ll stop to wonder what really stopped you and to your uttermost disappointment, the truth whispers; You!

So how, how do we persevere and stay strong on our quests? Here are a few things to remember and live by.

  1. Always start with the end in mind (if you know you can’t finish, don’t start)
  2. See a little bit of you in every step of the way
  3. Always remember why you started (P.S, it wasn’t to stop halfway)
  4. There are no easy projects, after all, the hardest journeys make the best stories
  5. Remember that there’s no such thing as impossible so do not settle for less
  6. You didn’t come this far to stop at ‘almost finished’ or ‘unfinished’, suck it up and keep going
  7. When you want to quit, really ask yourself; is this how I want my story to end? 
  8. Every matter has two handles. Weigh all possible outcomes before you begin

After all we’ve been through, all the battles and constant struggles, the highs and the lows, we still get to decide when to stop.

Don’t stop when you’re tired, try, try to stop when you are done. Our accomplishments tell a story, what is yours, or better still what do you want yours to be? Well, work in line with that.

The finish line is just up ahead, it’s not a mirage, always remember, always remind yourself, always know that you didn’t come this far to get this far, the story’s not over until you finish.

It’s time to manage your life and your quests like a CEO…we create our own luck


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