IBMC #05 – The Not So Quite Quote Challenge

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A Short Story

She leaned back against the rear of the chair and managed a sharp sigh. This was pointless and quite infuriating she thought as she eyed him suspiciously. He was watching her too, with those icy blue eyes and intense features. If she didn’t know better she’d think he cared.

                ‘You need not answer all the questions.’ He said with that tone that reminded her of something familiar. ‘You can just laugh and laugh again.’ She scowled as she reached for the glass of scotch he’d offered her upon arrival.

                ‘I would, but to what end?’ She returned gulping the content of the glass down in one drink. She tossed the glass carelessly on the wooden coffee table and exhaled deeply as she crossed her legs with a decorum that fascinated him.

                ‘Any time now Elinor.’ He said setting the glass on the coaster she did not bother to use. ‘Humor me, will you?’

                ‘What is the point of this? What is the point of anything?’ She asked with furrowed brows. ‘Here I am Marc forced to talk to you under these circumstances because really, alliances mean nothing. How often they shift when we truly need them.’ He assessed her through thick dark lashes…quietly. ‘Now you choose to keep quiet?’ She wondered.

                He smiled politely. ‘Elinor. You’re a difficult woman to read.’ She shook her head in spite. He knew that gesture. She was never one to sit and talk. ‘Why do you think…?’

                ‘Thoughts.’ She chuckled painfully. ‘They do what we don’t ask for.’

                ‘That they do.’ He nodded. ‘That they do.’ He repeated more to himself than Elinor. ‘Tell me about protocol Elinor. What really happened? Why are you really here?’

                ‘You see, I am confused at times.’ She paused as she stared into the distance with that haunted faraway look. ‘Should I sound? Should I echo? What should I do?’ He set the yellow notepad on the table and crossed his legs with a placid smile.

                ‘Sound.’ He encouraged. ‘I won’t judge. You see it’s completely normal to feel that way. At times we pretend to think on one and actually think everything else and it becomes so overwhelming that we may loose our bearing. So sound. It’s a good day to echo.’ He encouraged. She huffed deeply and shifted to the edge of her seat anxiously.

                ‘You know what I’m going to say…friend. You did the moment you walked in here. There are many obvious’ in this world Marc, and if we can take the time to sit and observe we might actually notice. Here I am inches away from a madman because I forgot that what I do not know is strong enough to kill me.’ She returned with a distorted grin.

                ‘I knew it! He smiled. ‘That I don’t know!’ Marc mused as her lips curved in a sly smile. ‘It’s never quite black and white Elinor. We sometimes forget the grey where they intertwine.’ She threw herself back against the chair and assessed him as he did her…calculatedly. She was locked in a den with a madman.


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