Discovering Lifes’ True Purpose (Series 2)

“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.” Alexis Carrell

One cannot simply sum up life without fully experiencing it. One cannot truly appreciate life until one truly lives. One cannot simply write about life when it’s truly and inexplicably unprecedented. Life means different things to different people. What it means to me doesn’t really correlate with your definition of it. But one truth and one common denomination that ties and binds us is that this ‘life’ goes on without us.soulpurpose

We were all born for a reason, we are still alive for that reason; for that purpose. No one of us was a mistake or is worthless. It is truly a blessing if we endeavor to  leave only when we’re finished. My recent endeavors have motivated me to write this sequel to discovering life’s true purpose.

When You know who you are; you know what to do.

The answer lies within you. It’s a simple question really.  Who Are You? Yeah. That is it. Answer this question and you’ll truly stumble onto something. Do bear in mind that I didn’t ask what your name is or your nationality. I didn’t ask you what you do for a living or how many degrees you’ve earned. I didn’t ask for your accomplishments and your achievements. I didn’t ask for your aspirations and ambitions. I asked you simply; Who Are You?

StripIMG_0730 everything off. All those things you think make you ‘YOU’, strip them off. Anything that didn’t come out of that womb with you is irrelevant; strip it off. Stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself that question. Really reflect, really think, really look. Who are you? If you can answer this question; this question most people cannot figure out in a lifetime, you’ll find that everything that comes after comes easy. So who are you?

This is where I leave you; It might take you a while to figure this out but when you do, you’ll know. Take into consideration the little things you’re capable of doing. The things you didn’t learn but can do. The things that are inborn…your gifts, your talent, your passion and figure out who you are. Then you can figure out your purpose because after you figure out ‘who you are’ you start to wonder ‘what am I here for’ or ‘what am I to do with this.’ Well put pen to paper and think. Life’s about discovering certain things yourself…one cannot simply hand everything to you on a platter. You appreciate the things you learn all on your own…you never forget.

P.S. While you figure out who you are (which is more or less your biggest pro), try to figure out your biggest con as well. Because your con is what is strong enough to hinder/destroy you. It’s a part of you. Do not try to change it; use it as your greatest weapon. We all have two sides for a reason; use both.

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