Persistence is The Mother of all Distinctions

“The best and most difficult things cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”  Helen Keller


The thing about life is magic isn’t real and God isn’t a magician, He is both logical and compassionate. You cannot dream dreams and expect that before you wake, your dreams will manifest all on their own, you have to do the work. Hard-work and persistence are the keys to success. You cannot drive a nail all the way in with the first hit, you have to keep hitting until it goes all in. Such is life, good things only come to those who work and work until they get results, the patient dog starves to death.

Persistence is the mother of success, daring is the father and hard work is the scale where they balance. It applies to all works of life, try and try again, and keep at it until you get results and remember, God steps in when you’ve in truth done the best you could.

Don’t confuse how God works. Heaven helps those who help themselves simply means when your best fails you, God takes over. You have to put in the work, manners from heaven do not exist. Work hard, be persistent and pray, that’s the perfect mix for success…

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