Never Forget Your Purpose In Life

The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure – Stephen Richards

Happy New Year and I pray 2016 is both productive and prosperous. While I have a lot to tell you about my previous year and what I learnt and went through, I would like to dwell on the silver lining for the now.

We just started a new chapter. New year, new beginnings. This is when we make resolutions (We hardly ever fulfil) and we try to make certain changes to our lives because well, it’s a new chapter a new chance to get it right.

This is what I leave you; Carry on with all you have set out to do. Draw up your goals and resolutions and hang them up where you’ll see them and be reminded of your mission everyday. Do that, or start your bucket list and all, but, while you do these, never forget you purpose. Set goals that align with your life’s purpose, plan for the long run, not 2016, this year’s a testament of how your 2017 will be, so, never loose sight of the bigger picture.

We all have our own unique paths to trend, our own stories to tell, our own legacies to leave, but sometimes, we get so caught up in the irrelevant competition of life, and so obsessed with overtaking the next person (who most of the time are unaware of the race) that we forget our life’s purpose, we get so invested in a race that is so irrelevant that along the line, we miss our turn and are left standing dumbfounded at the cross roads.

Life’s not a race, it’s a journey of wits end. It’s not a race, it’s an attempt to teach the rest of the world who we are, why we are unique and really touch the world anyway we can in this journey called life. Life’s a journey of preparation and even though we all have individual purpose, we all have a common purpose that is to prepare for the life after this one (A post for another day).

Life is not a race, and whether we are on a camel’s back or on a bike, crawling or walking, on a plane or on a jet ski or whatever, remember where you’re headed, keep your eyes on the price, be focused, do not waver from that purpose for even a split second…waltz through on your journey, do not race the next person, throw them a salute and continue on your way.

Life’s not a race. Heartaches will come, you’ll have your highs and lows, things will get hard, you will feel like giving up, you might loose your bearing, doubt will arise, you will almost give up, everything and everyone will fall you, but, let’s face it, nothing good did ever come so easy.

The hardest journeys are the greatest, they make the best stories…the best success stories and it only happens when you never loose focus. You will arrive your destination, the journey  will be hard and painfully so, but, you will complete your journey and hang your sandals up in surrender and accomplishment in the end, and you’ll only get this if you never forget your purpose. God promised a safe landing but in-between, well, it’s not going to be sweet and honey.


Never forget your purpose. Never get too invested in a meaningless competition to prove something or gather more possessions that you miss your turn. There’s a road map of your journey, if you miss your turn for something so irrelevant that you have to  find the best possible time and place to reroute, well, you have yourself to blame because as much as we love to kid ourselves, none of us is leaving here alive and time is everything.

Life is not a race.

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