Merry Christmas

A very merry Christmas to you all. Pardon my MIA act the past week, it’s indeed a really lengthy story. I wish you the best of celebrations and joy immeasurable. I wish you Gods’ goodness and grace and everything you wish yourself.

I’ll leave you with this: Life’s unpredictable, as often as we like to believe we’re walking in the Liberty wherein Christ has indeed made us free and redeemed us, do not forget why you’re here, why your heart cries out with everything to God, do not get caught up in the show here and face your redeemer in judgement and not get the crown of salvation. That’s the ultimate goal after this journey called life, the ultimate redemption, don’t get caught up in the world and all it offers and not make it to that kingdom that really matters. It will be an epic failure that after this journey you do not get your crown of salvation that sits you firmly at His side.

Do not forget the reason for today, the reason for the season. He came from heaven forth to redeem you today, his journey of parables, worship, lessons,  temptation, miracles, suffering, agony and death began today, remember that as you celebrate lovelies.

God Bless You All…


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