InspiredLives is 1!!!


By God’s grace, InspiredLives is a year old  and I am glad. I started off a rookie…in every sense of the word, I still am a rookie but I have learnt a lot and although I lack the social skills to network, I’ve been privileged to meet amazing personalities so far.

This past year has been a testament of God’s goodness and I hate that I did  not have the time to share it more with you guys, moreso, I really did not exploit all of the blog exposure possibilities available to me, that I hope to do before I reach my two years milestone.

I’m especially glad for all of you…yeah, you. Inspiredlives will not be a success without you. Thanks for visiting my blog, thanks for the views, the likes, the comments. Words are not enough but thank you…in every language. May God richly bless you! I pray you continue to patronize my blog…๐Ÿ˜‡

Much Love Delights…


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