The Ground Is Never Dry

Quote of the day: “Opportunities are everywhere, it is up to you to find or create them and make things happen.”

A week ago, I think, I reconnected with a friend who affirmed my notion of re-evaluating relationships and raising standards to basically form meaningful relationships.

Ten months now since I started InspiredLives (IL) and I remember what I had in mind that first day I sat in front of my computer staring at the WordPress platform. My goal was to create a forum for personal growth, development and inspiration.

I was searching for a blog or a site that could give me that ‘pick me up’ whenever I needed it, i did find several but, being the Graced Misfit that I am, IL became a reality… I created my reality wherein I’d carve the world to suit my taste and offer a forum for growth and inspiration particularly for my kind.


If there’s one thing you learn from business school, it’s to look for the opportunities in everything. You discover there’s a niche for something and you grab it, you discover a neglected market, you explore it and so forth. There is a particular emphasis on opportunities and it isn’t just confined to business school. It becomes more of a personal issue because here we are, all several billion of us struggling to find opportunities that are both innovative and productive, and most of the time, our qualifications don’t even cut it.

Moving on, so I and my friend got into a discussion about ‘not knowing what to do with all the qualifications and lacking the drive and the passion to find ourselves and discover what career path we want to pursue ‘ (That is a post for another day).

And whilst engrossed in this heated and really enlightening discussion, this statement surfaced; the ground is never dry…

Opportunities are everywhere. No one person can say they give up because they could not find opportunities to harness. The beauty to this world is that you can create opportunities for yourself…it is difficult, yes, but not impossible. So it is safe to say, no one person can simply say ‘There are no opportunities’ when they really have not exhausted all remedies.

The fact is, the ground is never dry, you might have to dig and dig for hours, days, weeks or what have you, but in the end, you will either discover oil, water or treasure. 

That is all I have to share with you today. Always remember that the discovery stage is always the hardest. Working to find where we will put our skills and passion to work successfully is always the hardest, but understand that there is no such thing as ‘no opportunity’, as long as you’re willing to search, to try and keep on trying, you will find something…nothing good comes easy after-all.

There are endless opportunities the world over and you can either find or create them. When you do embark on this discovery, bear in mind that the ground is NEVER dry…You will always find something.

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