I am a Girl

Lovely Piece
I am a girl…



I am a girl …O yes a girl

I am a girl who has dreams
I want to be a pilot, flying away to the blue skies
Where the clouds of possibilities lay
I want to be a teacher, teaching the next generation
I want to be a writer,writing my own unique story
I want to go to school, and become
I don’t want to slave away in the kitchen while
my brothers play football or watch TV
I don’t want to be married off to the highest bidder
I don’t want to become a mother until i have blossomed; prepared and ready to face adulthood


I am a girl; fragile but very strong
I am a girl not a dunce but very intelligent to make informed decisions
I am a girl and inside of me lies the next solution to the world’s problems… I want to have the same…

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