Lessons I Learnt From The Journey Called Life {Part 1}

Quote of the day: Whatever situation you’re in, God put you there for a reason, for a lesson and for a purpose.

Six years ago, after Secondary School, I knew for a fact that I either wanted a career as an attorney or an accountant, regardless of the fact that I hated Maths and Accounting, I preferred accounting as a second choice but during my Jamb application, I chose Mass Communication (Mostly because I was so sure I would get Law).

So the Jamb and the Post-UME exams came and by God’s grace, I passed. I needed a 60+ score in my Post-UME examination to make the cut for my desired course (Law) life__s_a_journey_by_vonstragobut because I showed up about an hour late for the examination and wasn’t given extra time to finish I scored 58…just two marks shy of the passing score and I was pissed because I got admission into the Mass Communication department.

Why was I late? Well, It was one of the worse days of my life. The rain was pouring heavily and I didn’t have an umbrella and because I did not really know my way around the University of Benin, I chose to walk… It was my first time there so I did not quite where to go, I roamed about for close to an hour (Asking directions from people who were kind enough to give them) before I finally found the hall (I had a plan. A family friend schooling there at the time was meant to take me to the hall but well, she had better things to do…i guess). Bottom line; I entered the exam hall without shoes (I slipped on Benin’s red soil and ruined my sandals) and dripping wet.

I can still remember the look of horror on the supervisors faces. It was a sour ordeal but back then, I didn’t understand that all that happened for a reason.

Six years later and God in his infinite mercies reveals thus; ‘it was never written thus that you would be a lawyer or business guru…you’re a mass communicator.‘ It didn’t make sense then but now, it does.

If  I had been on time to the examination, I would be a lawyer and be wondering constantly why I felt as though my life had no purpose or meaning. Don’t get me wrong, I ended up feeling the same way because out of the Blues, my dad decided that I studied abroad and viola; I forgot about Mass Communication and went into business.

Today my qualification and career path doesn’t excite me…there’s no passion and I’m glad I know why right now…I’m equally glad I still have the opportunity and time to pursue what I was meant to.

‘Everything happens for a reason.’

Those times when you went left instead of right and ran into someone or a situation which made you regret going right, remind yourself that there is a reason behind everything…your job is to find that reason and make sense of things.

God takes it upon himself most of the time to direct our footsteps. He readily leads us away from temptation or sometimes into it and towards destiny.

I never really believed in Ecclesiastics 3:1 ‘To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose..’ Personally, i felt God loved us too much to will us what brings us pain and despair.

I felt certain things, no matter how in sync the affairs of the world is to God, certain things happened out of turn and God never did sanction them…

My mentor had a saying I never really quite grasped until now. “I know whose I am.” He said

In truth, when we know who we are and understand the ways of the I am that I am, we know when things are working together for our good. When we spill coffee accidentally on a stranger and get delayed in meeting someone or addressing a situation we know that God is delaying us for a reason. We understand that we do not have to try to force  things because He knows what is best for us and regardless of how tough and impossible a situation is, God will never give us more than we can handle…

Everything is a phase, there is a time for everything that will happen in this journey called life. We will get hurt, miss ourJourney-Writ turn, loose our bearing and forget the tune…such is life. We might never really discover our purpose and fulfill destiny. We might make the same mistakes repeatedly and never seem to grasped knowledge from our own experiences or take a hint from our own advice.

But where-ever you find yourself, damned to fate or graced with fulfillment, always make the most of it and carry Jesus because with Him there is hope and with him, hope is all you need.

You might not like where you are now folks but understand that as long as there’s life, you are still on a journey and your destination is far too great to give up now.

True, evil exists in this world, the devil does as well but, with God, with the almighty redeemer, you suddenly realize that even the devil resembles an ant you see all the way from up there…God is writing your script and He is doing it in an unusual way, when you accept him and proclaim your purpose in Him, He takes charge and nothing ever thus happens to you without his knowledge…He sees you and He will come when you need Him.

But until He comes, you have to understand that you’re where you are for a reason, it may seem senseless and ridiculous but trust Him…it’s a journey and the most remarkable journeys have an unusual twist we never really anticipated or planned for.

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