Tips for overcoming depression and becoming happy again.

I can actually relate to this and it would have been really helpful if I had found this when I was down.

Overly uplifting!



For quite a while recently, about 6 months, I was extremely depressed and about to take some very bad, drastic actions due to being full of anxiety and sadness. Almost every moment I was full of fear, or anger, or extreme sorrow. It was very hard for me to go through and almost destroyed every part me. Why am I telling you this? Because here I am today, standing on firm soil again, living in not a perfect, but a much more happier and fulfilling life. My top two tips for overcoming fear and depression, negativity, or any other low vibrating emotion is this: POSITIVE FOCUS, and Ignoring Negative Thoughts. 

Positive focus is much more powerful than you think, and can be very challenging when you can’t even find a reason to smile. So here’s a tip that really helped me out with learning how to live life again. On a piece of paper…

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