Graced Misfits 

Quote of The Day: Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?

The amazing thing about today’s post is that I literally had nothing in mind (aside the fact that there was a  message there somewhere) when I started.

I always wondered why I was ‘different’, ‘weird’ was a word I eventually got accustomed to; I was the weird girl, I wanted things no one else did and my conviction of life and it’s wonders were pragmatic…

Different means you’re a misfit and that simply means; You’re blessed beyond measure. You’re not weird or crazy, you’re a Graced Misfit who has the uniqueness of standing out. You were born different and everyone wishes to have that potential…everyone is working hard to stand out and you’re blessed to be an only Kind, so, it’s a good thing.

Story that touches right?😄. Well, as you slowly discover your purpose while drawing closer to God, you understand that everyone on earth is trying to stand out.

It’s a gift, a difficult but good gift. I see three kinds of people everyday; the ones who try so hard to fit in, the ones who try so hard to stand out and the ones who are swallowed up in the crowd and forget about climbing out. Which one are you? Bear in mind that no matter how many times someone says ‘I accept my difference or flaws’ the human condition never really lets you completely do so.

Quit trying to fit in, you’re not wired that way. You have the ability to be different and be one of a kind (something that has proven hard the world over), everyone’s doing the same thing over and over again…but not you, you have a different perspective and perception and that gift is what others wish so desperately to have.

Embrace the difference graced misfits, God has a special plan for you and the moment you start trying to be among the rest…you stray away from God’s infinite goodness and favour.

We were born and called to be different things, don’t fight yours…as hard as it is to embrace it…embrace it.

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