7 Days of Something – Day 7

Quote of The Day: It is necessary and even vital to set standards for your life and the individuals you allow in it…

Day 7 – Challenge 7 – Raise Your Standards

Today’s the last day guys…started from the bottom now we here…safe to say, it’s been God all the way. He kept me knowing him, He gave me the grace to stay committed to this 7 Days of Something Challenge and I’m grateful.

I went for an interview a month ago and after the manager gave all the candidates a lecture on the prospects of the job and the company, she played a video of Tony Robbins’ Raise Your Standards motivational speech and it was indeed motivating.

I leave you with this y’all: all the opportunities you’ve successfully identified, all the priorities you’ve rightfully placed, the causes you’ve chosen to fight for and the commitment you’ve decided to put into picking up where you left off, they will not be possible to accomplish if you Don’t Raise Your Standards.

You cannot wake you tomorrow and decide you want to rule the world and not change your mindset, you have to back up your ambitions with your standards.

You have got to rasie your standards, because success starts with the mind. You have to think it to be it.

What do I mean when I say; Raise Your Standards? 

What I mean is, you need to think of the things above the flesh, understand what success means to you and you can achieve it and incorporate elements of success into your daily routine.

We are what we repeatedly do, so when you raise your standards, your principles, your values and daily routines have to change, your relationships have to be readjusted because the power of influence is too great to ignore.

When dealing with something that has become a thong in your flesh because it has decided to be unattainable; Raise Your Standards…

It will be the thing that wakes you up in the morning; the passion, the thrive and the zest condition you to a certain definition of success imbedded into your daily rituals so that the weight of it doesn’t overwhelm you all at once.

Success is not an outside force, it flows from inside you and until you change your mindset to compliment your ambition, it will never work.

You’ve got to raise your standards… 


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