7 Days of Something – Day 6

Quote of The Day: Do Not Give Up, You’re Closer Than You think…

Day 6 -Challenge 6 – Pick Up Where You Left Off

1 day to go guys and today, we’re getting back on track.

There are three things on the today’s agenda; THE FIRST is starting on the opportunities you identified the first day.

Set the plan in motion starting first with the top of the list; what is both important and urgent and work your way through the list.

OUR SECOND AGENDA is finally doing that thing we’ve always wondered about (starting your own business, changing career paths etc) get busy today and do first things first; what’s your mission with whatever you want to do? Write it down, and list our at least 5 things that will make you successful on that journey to discovery…keep it going.

Picking up where we left off is our FINAL AGENDA  for today.

I love how brief and concise today’s challenge is. It’s up to you to do 75% of the work today.

Where was I? Yeah, pick up where you left off. This points to anything you started before and didn’t finish…what did you run away from for one reason or the other? What did you leave unfinished? You need to go back to it/them and finish what you started.

The number 1 agenda on my plate today is going back to the gym. I lazied off a couple of months ago and I’m picking up where I left off…today.

Do 3 things today; Finish up on the opportunities you identified the first day, Do something you’ve always wanted to do and Pick up where you left off.

This is where I leave you…today!


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