7 Days of Something – Day 5

Quote of The Day: Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments – Jim Rohn.

Day 5 – Challenge 5 – Re-examine Your Relationships

Today’s challenge is quite simple.We are evaluating our relationships. I’ve preached and preached about purpose and I believe everything we do should have a purpose…there should be a purpose for relationships (platonic or romantic).

Start by reviewing the purpose of your relationships, how have these relationships impacted your life, how have you impacted them, is there growth, do your friends challenge you or encourage you to learn and grow, how have you or they become an extension of each other?

Get your pads and do the ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’ for each of the people involved in your journey called life and put pen to paper. At the end of the task you should be able to answer this for everyone you’ve surrounded yourself with; How are my relationships going?

Associate with people who challenge you to learn and evolve into a better version of you. You should be able to have this same influence on your friends.

I do not like pushovers or people who play it safe, I surround myself with people who force me to get up and work, people who constantly compete with me and push me to always give a 100%. (competition is healthy).

Be it a platonic or romantic relationship, you should have a defined purpose and you should be both daring, challenging and intimidating. I know being the smart one in a group is impressive but that isn’t a meaningful relationship…when you stop learning, you stop growing. So step out of the confines of a mundane relationships and seek out the meaning in it.

Who are your friends?

How meaningful are your relationships?

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