7 Days of Somthing – Day 2

Quote of the day: We are who we are for a reason…

Day 2 – Challenge 2 – Replace Your Priorities

It’s a good thing our featured image for today emerged when it did, I’m not necessarily talking about women of color though, I just love Viola’s statement.

We’ve moved on from our self analysis and hopefully we’ve been able to figure out where our opportunities lie.

The SWOT matrix is important because it helps us to really know which path to take. It helps to identify several opportunities…so if A doesn’t work, we can always fall back to a plan B…it provides a contingency plan.

Success is many things; perspiration, inspiration, etc, but the one thing we need more than anything to succeed is Luck. Call it favor or opportunity but either way, it is a  manifestation of Gods’ intervention.

Moving on. We’ve figured out our numerous opportunities based on our capabilities haven’t we? Well, now we figure out how to proceed.

What is not important and is not urgent, is unnecessary. A dear friend of mine [Pastor Murphy Akpovi] taught me something while i was still a youthful rebellious teen. I’m very certain he believed i never heeded his counsel but i did, and it helped me a lot. He gave me a task that I’m going to share.

Along the way, while we pursue dreams and fun and whatever we decide to pursue, we get caught up and sometimes forget what is important and what is not. This is a simple task to identify misplaced priorities and get back on track.


 The opportunities you drafted are your goals. Get your notepad and you pen and draft out a list of everything you believe you need (research if you have to) to take the next step towards achieving that (those) goals.


After listing them out. Put them in the priority category  you think they belong. Start with the first two categories. Prepare a plan for what is both urgent and important and do them immediately. Answer the how and when for the important tasks i.e., how can you get it done and how soon? Then move on to what is important but not urgent and repeat the planning cycle.

Say, your strengths point to a lucrative opportunity in broadcasting, two things are necessary; qualification and experience. While some employers in that industry need qualification, others don’t. A great way to tackle both would be to apply to a mass communication program with a co-op possibility (internship), that tackles importance, relevance and urgency.

Day 2 task aims to help you identify and plan and act in line with our opportunities. 

The last two categories; not important/urgent and not important/not urgent can be ignored. It depends on you. 

So, prioritize the list of things (skills, experience, qualifications, goals, errands, etc) you drafted and start. Use matrix provided to effectively pursue your opportunities…according to relevance.

You’re welcome to share your views in the “Do 7 Days of Something” forum board created specifically for this challenge. 


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