It’s Neither Here Nor There 

Quote of The Day: Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try…

Hey blog delights.

I apologize for faulting on our Wednesday post, unfortunately, I was blank. I know,I had a draft packed with several possible posts but originality is priceless.

For those of you who know me…well, those will be the ones I constantly blackmail to patronize my work though😀. I’m not a social frantic. Most times it’s as though I’m standing outside of my body staring down at myself like; what the hell dude?

My theory is this; during conception, I was mistakenly sent to earth while the lucky human was sent to my parents in Jupiter or somewhere among those nine planets. Bottom line is; I am not of this world…but I’ve got to make do with what I got. So here I am, all the way from home, working my ass off for good grades that will get me a good job…or supposedly so.

Well, I went on an interview sometime last week and it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. As usual, I searched for the inspiration and knowledge the job quest had and I discovered it through two questions that stuck;

    ‘Tell me about yourself.’

         ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years.’

A year ago I would probably have said; I damn well be married with kids in 5 years… I damn well be. Isn’t it interesting how most questions about life question its purpose? They make us stop and consider for a minute; what are you doing? Why are you doing that? What’s in it for you? Is there a long term reward or is it just going to be another one of your failures or procrastination? What’s the point? How will you go about it? Are you sure?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is an ambitious question. It directly asks the question; “How much would you have grown in 5 years?” How much would you have crossed off your list of goals in 5 years? Don’t have a list, well start planning now.

Tell me about yourself. This question really forces you to ask yourself; what have i really done for myself, what have i achieved, what am i doing…sometimes our minds go blank and we begin to panic (it happens). Once i wondered; Is there even a physical me or am i a blur barely showing?

Tell me about yourself is this; be it for a job interview or for new relationships or whatever, it will always mean; “What sets you apart, who are you, what do you stand for?” This is your express permission to brag about your achievements and your personal growth. This is where you start with your greatest strengths and reflect on how you’re constantly improving.

‘My name’s Vanessa Kent. I’m 23 years old, I have a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and another in architecture. i am passionate and last year September, i started an outreach for teens with low self esteem.  I’m currently working on a dissertation that considers the existence of other life forms in the psychology field.’In 5 year, i will most definitely be assisting the CEO of the petroleum corporation i am privileged to be a part of and I would have kick started my side architecture business.’

In a job interview, it is best to talk about your qualifications and awards. Your response to the ‘tell me about yourself‘ question forms a mental picture of where you might be in 5 years. Basically(pardon my over use of this word though) who you are right now is a reflection of where you will be in 5 years.


  • Thank you for this post Lora…reading it made me actually reflect on me🙏🏽

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  • Having interviewed many people over a lot of years, I always include a question along the lines of ‘tell me about yourself and why you would be good for this job?’ – It is very rare for a question of this nature not to be included as one of the first interview questions and yet we are often so unprepared to give a decent response. My mum always said ‘if you don’t blow your own trumpet, nobody will blow it for you’ – For sure, if you are preparing for interview, practice your answer to this question out loud in front of a mirror until you are really satisfied that your answer will promote your best skills and qualities. It’s your chance to ‘sell yourself’! Good luck with your interviews and I am sure with your fabulous positive qualities it won’t be long before you have the job of your dreams! x

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