Just Hit Pause

Quote of The Day: Be Still And Know That I Am God…


During the course of the week; with the stress from school, work, family and friends, we encounter several overwhelming issues that throw us off our game, and the time constraint is the most difficult issue; a million and one things to be done within a minute (or so it seems). Everyone gets to this point and it’s multi-tasking on a whole new level and sometimes. I usually felt like climbing to the top of Everest (If I could) and just scream until my lungs gave.

As crazy as this may seem, life’s bottled up into the same predicaments relived over and over by different people in different eras and continents in different ways (There’s nothing new under the sun), it begs certain questions and we beg to ignore them but in the end the time will come when we’ll just have to stop and answer or at least try to answer these questions. You’ve heard them before, heck, you’ve seen before from our previous inspired posts and they answer so many questions that we’ll begin to wonder what it’s true purpose is.


You’ve got only one life to live; Why so serious?Take a break…Hit the snooze button

In those moments when life gets too busy or too stressful, too hard and overbearing, when you could easily jump off a bridge, cry or hit something or someone…simply Pause. Take a break from it all, reorganize your thoughts…just hit pause.

It’s in those moments when we feel we have too much on our plate or we’ve pushed ourselves too hard or when we have a million things to do but cannot seem to get past the one that our emotions are heightened; pain, grief, unaccomplishment, pressure, confusion (the list goes on)…and we simply loose control… most times i feel as though my brain would explode.

The simply thing to do is pause.

When the going gets tough, stand still for a minute and re-strategize. That is simply it. When we are in distress or pain, weak or frustrated, when we’ve walked too far down the wrong path and we really need the help…be still. Let God’s glory be made manifest in you. For he is all powerful and all knowing, be still and surrender it all to him and let him take control. Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Hit that pause button once in awhile.

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