Harsh Reality

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Quote of the day: Life is complex; it is a contrast of itself.

Memories flash once in a while and they are all we have left; memories of a life we’ve already lived; no take backs, no re-dos…just memories of the ones we got, the ones we messed up and the lessons we learnt.
Cherish every moment. I won’t say ‘live like there’s no tomorrow’ because as cliché as that it, it is also a misdirection. Life is void, we are meant to win some and lose some. So even when you stumble and fall, remember that God will never leave nor forsake you, remember that sometimes it takes the worse to bring out the best (Gold goes through fire to become gold), remember that the road bumps and the mistakes are there to teach you how to be better and greater because joy always comes in the morning.

God has not abandoned you, he’s busy preparing your victory table for after it comes to pass that YOU weathered through the storm and did not lose faith…you looked up to Him through it all, you adored him still when you were down and you understood what it meant to be a partaking of his never-ending grace.

A life void of storms and squalls is not a life. That is the harsh reality of life. It is in those dark moments we really truly seek and find God, it is then out faith is put to a test. He promised you a smooth landing but, every epic hero had a Jezebel or a Judas to conquer.

There’s really nothing here. We live, we die, we return to whence we came. But in-between, try…simply try to do something that serves both your purpose and Gods’. Simply take time out to re-evaluate your life, seek God’s purpose and let him make your path straight. Re-place your priorities…You can enjoy an awesome purpose driven life as a true worshiper…God isn’t boring.

Heaven or Hades; Life or Death? Make your pick. This is the taunting reality to life; it doesn’t end here, this is only the beginning and you have the power to make a difference, while you still can.

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