Working Progress

Quote of the day: Do not be afraid of tomorrow, for God is already there.

I went through one of my many journals (Yeah, I find writing in a book more convenient and exciting) yesterday and I found a piece I wrote a while back and it reminded me of something and I honestly hope sharing this with y’all will help you in one way or the other.

For the longest time, I’ve waited too patiently,

 and walked too close to the wall and sat in that lonely corner at the back

I’ve kept my mouth shut while hooligans thought themselves wise…wiser than me

For the longest time, I’ve looked the other way

and ignored the mistreat and fear

I’ve laughed to conceal the pain and smiled instead of falling apart

I’ve been good. Too good that I turned into a good liar; The beautiful pretender.

For the longest time I’ve ignored the strength in my voice and the courage in my heart,

The boldness of my spirit and the command in being…

it all ends today

Today, i take matters into my own hands, i take the baton from you

I refuse to be shrouded in constant agony and distress

and i choose to walk out of this space closing in on me…for good

What i intend to add is that regardless of how difficult the issues we are working through are, it’s all a working progress because God being faithful will not give you what you cannot handle, we will definitely come out of it but, two heads are better than one, it’s best when the second head belongs to the Champion of Heaven.

We need to accept that we cannot do it alone (It’s usually not how far but how well), and in those moments when we desperately need someone to talk to or need someone to help and feel deserted and abandoned, lonely and alone, we usually have not covered all of our possibilities. 

“A man’s heart deviseth his ways but the Lord directeth his steps.”

It all boils down to discovering God’s purpose for our lives because regardless of all the many plans in our hearts, it’s Gods purpose for us that will stand. We need to learn to constantly seek his counsel and his face, do not turn to him only when you need His help, turn to him daily, have a daily rapour with God and that way, he will never forsake you…in your darkest hours he will devise a way for you to escape and you will recognize his voice when you hear it.

Acknowledge him in everything you do and he will direct your purpose and grow you from glory to glory. Speaking from experience, you will be knocked down more times than you can count but you have to learn how to really stand firm when you get back up and no one teaches that better than Christ. And with God, Once is all it takes.

I honestly do not know what burdens your heart and what you might be going through but I know for a fact that earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal…boldly go to him and ask for strength, for grace, for mercy when you need it. Partake in the liberty that Christ so freely gives.


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