I’m Still Here

Hey blog delights, how has it been?

Our Tap, Tap, Tap post got a recent comment that reminded me of a follow-up post I actually wanted to as some sort of continuation. It’s pretty much the same format. You get to give this post your own title (Anything but I am still here.) and share a related story.

It’s no heresy when I say I’ve sunk into abyss, I’ve been knocked down more times than I can count, my heart’s been crushed into a million pieces but, I’m still here. I’ve being called a failure, one without a purpose in life, a fool, ugly, stupid and all sort of names, but I’m still here. I’ve being called heartless, arrogant and useless, but I’m still here.

Such is life; Failure is how we learn. But if we want to succeed, we will find a way, if we don’t we’ll find an excuse. Which one do you choose; A Way or An Excuse?

7f6a17bf784679809e729ddd485b7d2a68cdd5bd0d6a4dfd42b5ec5cc72991b3_largeIt doesn’t really mean that I’m a failure, it means I am not afraid to fail, it means every failure, neglect, embarrassment, disappointment and heart-break has made me stronger, stronger than I used to be and stronger in time to come, stronger to forge ahead despite the darts and arrows life throws my way, stronger in spite of the wind of disorientation and the rain of confusion life throws in my face, stronger to be able to say I’m still here in the face of the missed opportunities, the failures, the draw backs and disappointments I still remember who I am and where I’m headed and what my purpose is.

So, in the end, with a will so strong and a sight set on higher things, the only When and Where I’ll be stopping, is my destination; and then at last I can look back at all the bumps, all the toils and the bruises, the frustrations and pain I went through, and smile to myself regardless of how beat up I might come out: ‘I made it , I am still here.’

You are still here, that means the world still needs you, the people around you still need you, you still have something to prove. So, make a difference, fall seven times but get up eight, find your divine source of constant inspiration and keep pushing until you know for a fact that you’ve fulfilled destiny…or at least die trying.


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