I Reach For The Stars


I started out with nothing in mind. I reach for the stars came to me a couple of weeks back and I quickly drafted it. Everyday since, I’d stare blankly and utterly dismayed at the screen of the pc through which I will impact the world wondering where to start. There was absolutely nothing on my mind…I reach for the stars, I reach for the stars. 🙂 Well, let’s see how it goes.

I’ve always wondered about the things that transcend beyond death, what death would feel like and what happens after, do we become supernatural beings that see the world all at once, do we see God, are we able to see how our deaths will affect the people we love or do we just go into limbo and stop existing (In a way, i do understand atheists, however, I do not condone it)??? But like my kid brother would say when I voice my curiosity about death “Well, if you really want to know, jump in front of a truck and find out.” Easier said than done.

No matter how difficult life is, i reckon death is ultimately more difficult because for starters it will come when  it will come.

Life’s short, no matter how long we live, we’ll always wish we lived longer…it’s a journey of toils and conquests, of wpid-tumblr_n9weqikrwn1sg4ah2o1_1280.jpgvictories and failures, of the highs and lows. The bashful inhumanities of men and the gender war, the religious and political misunderstandings, the inter-racial discriminations and the fear of the unknown.

We’ve all had our fair share or the highs and lows of life but, the one thing the miserable inevitability of death cannot dwindle is our ability to dream. The dreams that carry the impossible into the real world.


Dream big dreams, only big dreams have the power to move men’s souls…

My dreams are strong enough to pull down the gates of earth, they inspire and push me towards what I need to succeed the most. I Reach For The Stars, I cannot stay in the confines of the roundness of the earth, I reach for the things beyond, the things above. For God has made us so great that a man’s dreams are powerful enough to create confusion in hell.

I do not crave stardom, I crave passionately to be THE future history, the name to be remembered in that particular situation… I Reach for the Stars, the highest accomplishment and fulfillment I can ever attain, greater than an wpid-reach-for-the-stars.jpgeagle can ever soar in a million lifetimes, I reach for the greatest of all accomplishments; to be remembered thus and to be named among the likes of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr, as a Messiah of Christ, as one of the true worshippers…Not fame, respect and fulfillment of an impossibly possible reality that is so hidden in Christ.

I Reach for the Stars. I leap over all the planets and catch a shooting star in a jar, to remind me every time I wake up to it that everything and anything is possible if I just believe…If I just believe in God above all things and in myself.

I have often wondered why A dies instead B or why C died instead of me, I do understand that death is a necessary end but what makes one worth living than the other? Every time I had this thought, there’s a silent whisper in my head that asks; why ask? And slowly I understood that everyday I woke up healthy and sane was a gift and everyday I laid back down to sleep without moving a step closer to either discovering my destiny or realizing it was a waste.

Regular dreams are a part of life, the big dreams take guts.

Today could be our last (Set the God Forbid aside first), tomorrow could be our last, we will never know, however, what we do know is that we are alive today and we have the opportunity to make something of our lives regardless of how little it could be, so set aside the vain pleasures of life for a moment, set aside the procrastinations and really think…really discover and really live. I tell you, this is the only chance you get at life, do not waste it and exit for eternity with regrets because regrets really do not solve anything, they only remind you that you messed up your chances.

Reach for the stars, dream big dreams, nothing is impossible; dream, plan and achieve, break out of your confines and really discover who you are and strengthen your core. Your dreams are your index to greatness, never cast them aside as pointless or unachievable…if you can think it, you can achieve it.

Reach For The Stars, dream of the things beyond this world…a man without big dreams is like a bird without wings.


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