Are Phones Killing Conversation???

I noticed something  early this year and thought of doing a piece on it but it skipped my mind each time because i kept telling myself : I’ll start on it tomorrow…and i always forgot about it when tomorrow came (Procastination wahala, story for another day).

wpid-watch-phone1.jpgAnyway, on my way home yesterday i noticed it again, probably because i was too occupied with my own problems to whip out my phone and plug my earphones in. I thought back to an episode in How I Met Your Mother, where Ted Mosby argued something relatively similar to what this piece is all about.

Is actual conversation over, is the grand face-to-face  debate over, do people now prefer to press their phones instead of making small talk with a stranger or a familiar???

I would have loved to do a video or at least take a bunch of pictures (but people don’t like that) to show y’all what i mean. Everyone has their earphones plugged in with eyes closed in relaxation or staring right through you or busy with a movie or a game or on instagram/facebook. They really don’t take the time to make conversation with the stranger right beside them. My phone is my coping mechanism. I am almost always on my phone, even in the middle of a conversation or lecture.

Are phones killing conversations and relationships, are they? Will a time come when people sitting beside each other will simply just text to save themselves the stress of actually talkng?

One comment

  • I don’t think phones are killing relationships and conversations. I think technology is, because you if they’re not using their phones, they’re using an iPad, iPod, or Laptop to communicate. Social Media is not helping either, as more and more people are giving up their face to face social life for a virtual one. I met a lady last week who said she took to a dating site because it was easier to meet a guy, “you can go through several potential partners a night without obligations of dinner, movie, sex or sublime conversation,” she said.

    We are quickly becoming assimilated into the Matrix of technology, where even people living in the same building or to go even further than that, the same home communicate through devices. Visiting a friend’s house, her daughter sent her a message via FB from up stairs to ask…”What’s for dinner Mom?”

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