Tingling Hearts

There’s a storm
Raging in our hearts
It burns, it tingles, it frightens
How should love feel? Does it resemble this?
The storm rages on…
It forces us to reconsider, to rethink, to really look
And we discover love is anything but this

What is it
It is without meaning, it is without content
It is simply the life and happiness we see
Staring us down in our lovers’ eyes

Love is without meaning
It is the force that drives us to stand by them no matter what
It has a life of its own
That transcends beyond trust and all other frivolous bullshit

It becomes what we think it
It is love, there’s no more to it

‘I love you’ because there is something worth loving in ‘you’
something that draws me into your spell
something hidden, something deep
either way, falling a billion times for you in a billion lifetime will be a gift..

It only becomes hard when we don’t make it simple.

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