A Necessary Evil

image What makes people recoil from completing what they started,  something they devoted so much time to? What stops them from starting at all? Sometimes it could be the lack of sufficient resources but the most reoccurring and common  factor is fear.

It’s a learning process, every fail is knowledge gained…MMT

We all thrive to achieve greatness, we all have aspirations that give us hope, but most of the time, fear gets in the way. The cantankerous fear that eats us up from the inside; “you’re not good enough, you will amount to nothing, your efforts will be useless, your lack of faith is sickening,” its poison spreads, causing us to stop half way and walk all the way back to that familiar place where we’re just okay. image Fear is misleading, so much so we miss opportunities because of it and we loose sight of the bigger picture. it’s the place where dreams go to die. If we don’t confront our fears we’ll always wonder  “what if. Would it have worked. Did I make a mistake. What the hell is wrong with me?” We forget that if we don’t take risk, we will never grow and we will never know what would have been. The fact that we are afraid means something good is on its way, it’s a 50/50 chance so why not take your chances?

Going right instead of left fits into the grand design of life…It was meant to happen; it was a necessary evil…

Research shows that most of the time, we are responsible for holding ourselves back, we discover we’re the boogie man under our bed because, there’s always a little part of us that doesn’t believe in us, there’s always that 50% doubt rearing its head and we  begin to consider the possibility that maybe we are just kidding ourselves, we question our beliefs and fill our minds with doubt. A fact is; there’s always a part of us that’s afraid to take risks, but we’ve just got to do it because, that’s the only way we’ll truly ever defeat fear: Just Do It… It is better to fail a 101times than to quit the first round. You’re absolutely not a failure until you give up and It is in those moments we feel like giving up we stumble onto something truly amazing, hang on just a little bit longer… Beautiful people, you are greater than you think. Don’t leave things unfinished, do more, make mistakes, learn from them, no matter how scared you are, just keep going… It is better to try and fail because every mistake, every failure is a lesson, it takes you a step closer to your goal…I believe in you…

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