I believe in love, in the purity that life should be but isn’t, I understand that sin is a part of us even when it shouldn’t, I believe we will encounter the Father and change the errors of our ways, I believe in family and friends,I believe in betrayal and wickedness,I believe gold and titles only come with hard-work, I believe in death and in the fear of old age, I believe in hurt and deceit, in pain and in sorrow, I believe in laughter and happiness, in enemies and the unknown, I believe in me and in loneliness, in pride and humility, in aloneness and I understand that it is what we need we get not what we want, I believe in the realm of the supernatural and the only living God,  I believe in hades and in paradise, I believe in the life after this one and in you— The Passionate Kind

About a year ago, before I Passed-Out of the Nigerian Youth Service Programme, I had a conversation with a friend that made me wonder why it took too long and too much to get him to share such soul touching words. He wasn’t one you’d call smart, he was into everything but not the good things, he said he wished to publish a book he only just started, a book that would be titled Your Kind, well, he didn’t follow through with publishing.


I know my kind, I know the complicated kind that are always too hard to figure out because they are so complicated that complicated as as word doesn’t fit the context any more. There is the kind that believe they will wake up tomorrow and own the freaking world, the realist, the lovers, the passionate, the lonely, the alone…the kinds are endless, I can only speak for me, you on the other hand can figure out your kind, it will help set certain things in perspective.

What I mean by KIND is simple; what is your brand, what is that one word people around you can describe you as? what lifestyle do you lead, what are your goals, your most profound questions, what do you want, who are you, what are you doing? Each question fits into your kind and it explains you perfectly in one word, what kind are you? Figure this out and certain questions will be answered.



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