It’s Valentine’s Day Somewhere…

Yep, there’ a Valentine’s Day contest, check the challenge bar...


A very splendid Valentine’s day to you all. I’m very certain this is late for some countries so apologies. Anyway have fun, wear something red, do something romantic, savor every minute, now is a very good time to ask that girl or guy out… It’s a Saturday this year so y’all free to hang.

To my sweetness, my kuchi kuchi, i love you, i know distance is a barrier right now but we’ll figure something out… #Riki

Tell him/her something you’ve never told them. And just remember, you partner isn’t the only one worthy of love, call your friends and family, tell them how much you appreciate them. And the most wrecking part of this special day is the gifts, what should I get him/her, Jeez what will I get him! Relax it happens to everyone and I hope these help and honest to God they never go out of style, these are like the customary gifts for Valentine.

  • Watches
  • Head phones (The Urban Ear washable headphones are amazing)
  • Perfume (The Gucci guilty fragrance is to die for)
  • Heartbeat necklaces
  • Underwear (Most people think this is cliche but this is amazing, you cannot imagine the allure of seeing your partner in a new underwear you bought, it rocks all sense.)
  • Sneakers
  • Bracelets
  • An intimate romantic dinner (This works either way, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be at a restaurant, cook for him/her, draw his/her chair out and served them, you don’t get to do it everyday)

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