Tap Tap Tap

Hey, I’m still standing

I remember the days
I felt like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing with my life
As in what exactly was my goal in life, or did i even have one?
Is life really this void of meaning and  complicated with everyone or was it just me?
Like i literally wondered why i would just blank out on life, on important issues and the world and why in God’s name did i not have that fierce zeal anymore?
I USED TO be so full of life and zeal…. used to be…i woke up with a new goal everyday and it all became a collective of my most paramount goal…but i lost it, i was beaten and i let it mess with my head…
I love my family and friends but,
I felt i had nothing to live for, it was that bad, I’d lost the meaning of life and was barely existing and i even wished i could stay cooked up in my room for a decade…i wonder why i lost my resolve for life, there’s a little part of me that didn’t completely rid itself of that load but i got better…

So many things kicked me down and i let them, i just laid there and watched them laugh at me doing nothing but accept defeat.
I forgot everything I’d learnt and it made me mad because I was better than that, everyone goes through bullshit but they make it out standing,  better than they were before because it’s when you’ve fallen you review your life brick by brick and you learn from your mishaps…

Well how to get inspired right? We’ll continue this in my next post  but the idea here’s the trick….
Give this post a title based on your view of the gist and share a similar story and tell us how you got back up and Tap…



  • The write is thick. finding a title is that caption a herculean task. However, I will tittle it .” Crossroad and the way through”

    Almost a decade ago, I was at a point where I felt stagnated. Deep down, I knew I was. Nothing was making sense. Nothing was working
    My dreams, passion & zest were fading away from me. Depression, fear was setting in.
    l search for everywhere and everything within and around to point accusing finger on and concluded it was the environment( a wrong premise). I had to change environment to a western state for a rediscovery. I found a solution. Running away won’t help. facing it was the key. I returned two years later, it took a while , however I overcame and at the moment I am walking on destined path.

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    • Thanks for your response.
      Amazing title and a very inspiring story Amadi. In the end, the most important fact is that you are STILL HERE. You found a solution and you made it work.


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