Wardrobe Tips…

“Your tastes, lifestyle choices and body shape all change over time, and something you once thought was perfect no longer is.”

Ah, wardrobes and their many wahala…I’m not talking about an actual wardrobe here, its the clothes, d choices we ve to make everyday. Should I wear a gown or a skirt, how do I have only jeans, where are all d colours, why doesn’t it fit no more, why is it still in my closet and for the love of God, what do I pair with this? It goes on and it gets painful to repeat every day.

Once, I tried picking an outfit prior to when I needed to wear it but when the day came, I didn’t like it so much… Hell I didn’t like it one bit. My boyfriend complains every time we have to go out because its the same routine of tossing clothes around and trying close to a hundred outfits and still going “nah” to the mirror every time… “Why don’t you just think it up before?” He asks…. Funny, even guys go through the same fiasco…

Personally, i feel to keep your closet moderate with important outfits you’ll actually use so you don’t wonder why your wardrobe is stuffed and you don’t got clothes, pay a monthly visit to your wardrobe, it does depend on you , I’m a crazy shopaholic so I organise my wardrobe on a weekly basis. It will be easier to sketch an organisation system for your clothes, it will be all the more easier to pair your clothes up during your monthly toss out. Do a private runway show in your room, discover which goes with which, take pics of your findings and organise accordingly. Do not forget to play with colours, not too much though, you don’t want to end up looking like a color pallette…

Heels? Hmmmm, they get tiring, the mere thought of them sometimes tire me out, so wear Fancy Flats, classic low heels and sandals, they rock too and they go with anything… Leave the extreme heels for fancy occasions.

The biggest setback for looking chick is bulging tummies and fat. I’ve been there, there’s my before and after look. Get fit, it doesn’t take much, it helps you look sexy and feel comfortable in any outfit, it gives you an unusual confidence that takes you to impossible places…


Accessorize, look good and own it, you only feel as good as you look. Guys, looking good goes both ways, get  a fancy hair cut, trim those beards sticking out of everywhere, get a good perfume and deodorant, walk talk like you own the world, its sexy. You don’t have to wear Armani or whatever to feel like a boss, “Elegance is carriage, beauty is inborn, the clothes only flatter a little bit.”

When it comes to creating new habits, it all comes down to knowing who you are and not being afraid to challenge that. Always be yourself, even when trying new things, but do always try new things…

Here are some pairing/outfit ideas for you…




“Elegance is carriage, beauty is inborn, the clothes only flatter a little bit.”







The donut hairstyle is a bit old but it’s still trendy and fancy, there’s no need giving it up…

Have fun fixing your wardrobes lovelies…


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